White Horse Lapel Decor – Astrelle


fine silver
Size: 2”h, 1.1”w
24k gold wires
rare earth magnets to anchor the back

oval shape with white wild horse design on a gold background

Delivered in its own rosewood box for safe keeping.

**May take 2-4 weeks for delivery, as each piece is specially handcrafted.**

Astrelle … White Wild Horse Lapel Decor

Normally, Artist Shirley Matteson designs and creates fine silver jewelry in the form of necklaces, earrings, or even cuff links. Here, she has created ‘Astrelle,’ a gorgeous white horse lapel decor jewel, with a shock of red on her forehead and set against a bright gold background.

Inspired by her beloved Texas and the wild horses she loves so dearly, Shirley has gone back to her roots here. The bold, textured white of the horse’s coat stands out against the contrast of the bright gold background. The tiny gold wires used in the Cloissoné jewlery making process outline the horse’s head and neck and add texture to the design. The result is a one-of-a-kind wild horse that seems to come to life before your eyes.

The Astrelle Gold and White Horse Lapel Decor Jewel

Astrelle is part of Shirley’s latest collection of fine jewelry, featuring a series of horse-inspired jewels. Alongside Embarr, Arion, and Celeste, they embody the artist’s vision of bringing the majestic horses of Texas to life. In this collection, Shirley has expanded her repertoire to include lapel decor jewels, a departure from her usual creations of necklaces, earrings, or cuff links.

What exactly is lapel decor? Think of it as a lapel ‘pin,’ but with a twist! These jewels resemble lapel pins, but without the sharp pins on the back. This design ensures they won’t damage your lapel or prick your fingers. Instead, Shirley has ingeniously incorporated strong rare earth magnets, securely holding the jewel in place on your lapel.

Rest assured, Shirley’s exquisite horse jewelry is accompanied by a rosewood box, storage pouch, and a powerful rare earth magnet attached to the back. When not adorning your lapel with these fabulous wild horse jewels, store them in the provided silvercloth pouch to prevent tarnishing.