Texas Pride Hat Band


Texas Pride Hat Band

Adjustable to fit almost every hat
From silver to braided cordovan leather cord and topped with… The Pride of Texas…the Copyrighted Texas Glory Emblem on the side of the band!

A pride as big as Texas!

Delivered with an Authentic Pacific Silvercloth pouch for tarnish free storage and its own rosewood box for safe keeping.

Jewel: Choice of white or dark grey corners.
(Please specify at checkout.)

Please note, may take 2-4 weeks for delivery, as each piece is specially handcrafted.

Reviews for Shirley’s Texas Pride Hat Band

Treasured Family Heirloom!

I purchased a Texas Hatband for my husband for Christmas-and he loved it. Said I really surprised him this year! Of course, we had to make a special trip into town to go look at a brand new hat for this special hat band! This will be treasured family heirloom! Thank you for your artistry! (Oh and I LOVE the earrings I bought myself…um, I’m mean the earrings Santa put under the tree for me! Stunning!)

-Beth S.

Texas Pride Hat Band

A unique, copyrighted Texas flag design hat band, for a pride as big as Texas itself. Our line of fine silver jewelry using the Texas Pride design includes our other Texas Glory hat bands (black & brown), earrings, pendants, bolo, cuff links, jewelry sets.

From fine silver Texas jewelry with a copyrighted design based on the Texas flag, for a pride as big as Texas. Here, you can find our Texas pride hat band, along with other Texas Glory hat bands (black & brown), earrings, pendants, bolo, cuff links, and even jewelry sets. Naturally, artist Shirley Matteson designed and copyrighted all of the pieces. Of course, all of Shirley’s Texas flag designs are truly unique, one of a kind fine silver jewelry. In addition, they are made using the cloisonné technique, and use her custom designed Texas flag design.

Creating the Texas Hat Band Design

Shirley explains how she came up with her stylish, one-of-a-kind Texas flag design:

“The fall of 2018 I drew a design to be judged. It was for an award to a country western singer’s foundation. At first, I had no idea what was wanted. I asked about what kind of design and was told ‘something Texas,’ as this person was a Texas boy.

All I could think of was the Texas flag. Being put on the spot and without any preparation, I scribbled out a quick sketch of the flag from memory.”

From that quick sketch, she evolved the design and began creating silver jewels using the Cloisonne technique. Later, from that same original sketch, she went on to adapt the Texas flag design to different lines of fine jewelry and accessories, for both men and women.

Shirley uses the French Cloisonné technique to create all of her Texas Glory pieces. You can find out more about the ancient art of Cloisonné here. Or, see how she uses the process to create her Texas Glory earrings here.