Small Blue Butterfly Necklace – “Mini”


Small Blue Butterfly Necklace – ‘Mini’

Fine silver, vitreous enamel, & 24k gold wires
Size: 1.3 in. wide by .63 in. tall
Delivered in its own rosewood box for safe keeping.

Of course, a Genuine Pacific Silvercloth pouch is provided for tarnish free storage.

Also, comes with a 1mm, 16- or 18-inch, Italian sterling silver serpentine chain.
(Please specify length in the order notes at checkout.)

Sometimes less is more, as with “Mini,” this small blue butterfly necklace

Inlaid with 24k gold wires

Artist Shirley Matteson is a master at designing and creating fine silver jewelry. Here, she has created a line of smaller butterlies, to match her original butterfly necklace line. This ‘Mini’ is a luminous small blue butterfly necklace in the morpho butterfly shape, inlaid with 24K gold. This small butterfly pendant necklace is truly breathtaking!

Taking inspiration from butterflies of all colors, Shirley has created a gorgeous, blue butterfly necklace named ‘Mini’. Enamel in bright blue tones highlights the tiny 24k gold wires used in the Cloissoné jewlery making process. The result is a luminous small blue butterfly necklace that’s sure to amaze.

The Importance of the Butterfly

Butterflies have long been regarded as symbols of transformation, beauty, and freedom. Their remarkable metamorphosis from a humble caterpillar to a vibrant, delicate creature has captivated human imagination for centuries. As they emerge from their chrysalises, butterflies symbolize growth, renewal, and the potential for personal evolution. This symbolism is deeply ingrained in various cultures and spiritual beliefs around the world.

Blue Butterflies as Gifts

In nature, no two butterfly wings are identical. Shirley’s fine jewelry brings its wearer the same individuality that butterflies have naturally. These small blue butterfly necklaces are great gifts for anyone who is bold and wants stand out in a crowd. And of course, blue is a color often associated with freedom, intuition, and imagination!

The Blue Butterfly Jewel

Shirley’s butterfly jewelry comes with a rosewood box, storage pouch, and sterling silver chain. Be sure to let her know at checkout if you prefer a 16-inch or 18-inch chain. When you’re not showing off your fabulous blue butterfly necklace, keep her in her silvercloth pouch so she won’t get tarnished.

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