Peacock Butterfly Necklace


Peacock Butterfly Necklace

Eyes in the wings create the question: Are they looking at you?

Fine silver, vitreous enamel, & 24k gold wires
Each piece delivered in its own rosewood box for safe keeping.

Plus, a Genuine Pacific Silvercloth pouch is provided for tarnish free storage.

Also, comes with a 2mm, 16- or 18-inch, Italian sterling silver serpentine chain.
(Please specify length in the order notes at checkout.)

Reviews for Shirley’s Peacock Butterfly Necklace

Unique & Breathtaking!

I am so in love with my Peacock Butterfly Pendant Necklace! It is truly breathtaking! People are always commenting on the striking statement it makes. I wear it with everything as it can complement every style and adds beauty & class to my wardrobe. The detail in the design is brilliant! I love my one of a kind butterfly as an expression of the unique creativity the artist weaves into each of her pieces.

-Celesten S.

Peacock Butterfly Necklace

Emphatically, this necklace is truly distinct, standing out even from the rest of Shirley’s gorgeous butterfly line of fine jewelry. Here, by using the colors and styling of the noble peacock, combined with the form of a butterfly, the artist creates a one-of-a-kind jewel. Of course, her peacock butterfly necklace is sure to stand out and be noticed!

Naturally, peacocks are known for their confidence and power, and with all those brillant colors, it’s easy to see why. Additionally, these birds are often seen as harbingers of good luck or wealth. In many languages, their name includes the word ‘royal,’ as peacocks are considered creatures of power and luxury.