Gold Swallowtail Butterfly Necklace – “Grace”


Fine silver, inlayed with 24K gold, vitreous enamel, & 24k gold wires
Size: 1.1”h, 2” w
Delivered in its own rosewood box for safe keeping.

A Genuine Pacific Silvercloth pouch is provided for tarnish free storage.

Comes with a 2mm, 16- or 18-inch, Italian sterling silver serpentine chain.
(Please specify length in the order notes at checkout.)

Want color added to your butterfly? Just ask! Shirley is a true artist and can add color to your solid gold butterfly upon request. Please contact her for details.

If you’re looking for something a little different, check out Shirley’s gold butterfly lapel decor. It’s like a pin, but with powerful rare earth magnets that won’t destroy your clothing.

Reviews for Shirley’s Gold Butterfly Necklace


Thank you so very much for the beautiful necklaces. I thought the blue one would be the prettiest because I like blue, with Roberta’s coloring the gold one is superb. Thank you for making my wife happy… you made a happy point in our day!


Grace… gold swallowtail butterfly necklace

Artist Shirley Matteson is a master at designing and creating fine silver jewelry. Here, she has created Grace, a gorgeous gold swallowtail butterfly necklace, set in fine silver, and inlayed with 24K gold that is absolutely breathtaking.

Taking inspiration from butterflies of all colors, Shirley has created a gorgeous, gold swallowtail butterfly necklace named ‘Grace’. Black enamel edging highlights the 24K gold inlay and the tiny gold wires used in the Cloissoné jewlery making process. The result is a luminous butterfly jewel that’s sure to amaze.

In the realm of symbolism, the swallowtail butterfly holds a special allure. It resonates with themes of transformation, beauty, and grace. Just as the butterfly undergoes a profound metamorphosis from humble caterpillar to exquisite winged creature, it embodies the journey of personal growth and evolution. Artist Shirley Matteson draws inspiration from this elegant creature to craft pieces that not only adorn the body but also speak to the soul.

The swallowtail butterfly’s delicate wings, adorned with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, symbolize the beauty that emerges from life’s trials and challenges. Similarly, our fine jewelry pieces are meticulously designed to reflect the essence of resilience and resilience, serving as reminders of one’s inner strength and the potential for transcendence. Each creation carries with it a message of empowerment and renewal. Just as the butterfly flutters effortlessly through the air, our fine jewelry invites wearers to embrace their own journey with confidence and grace, knowing that true beauty lies in the process of transformation.

The Artist’s Technique:

Shirley uses a technique called ‘Cloissoné,’ to create her sparkling butterflies. First, she inlays 24K gold into the swallowtail butterfly shape, then bends tiny wires to form the butterfly wings structural lines. Then, she fills in the shapes with a black edge and body and the remainder with transparent enamel. In the end, what emerges is a truly unique piece of wearable art that will stand out and get noticed.

The Gold Swallowtail Butterfly Jewel:

Of course, Shirley’s butterfly jewelry comes with a rosewood box, storage pouch, and sterling silver chain. In addition, be sure to let her know at checkout if you prefer a 16-inch or 18-inch chain. Naturally, when you’re not showing off your fabulous gold butterfly necklace, keep her in her silvercloth pouch so she won’t get tarnished.

Or, if you love the gold butterfly design, but are looking for something smaller and more dainty, check out Shirley’s smaller gold butterfly necklace, ‘Mini.’

Also, if you prefer, Shirley’s butterfly necklaces can also be made entirely in 22k gold. Please contact her for details and pricing.

If you’re looking for something a little different, check out Shirley’s gold butterfly lapel decor. It’s like a pin, but with powerful rare earth magnets that won’t destroy your clothing.