Gold Horse Lapel Decor – Arion


fine silver
Size: 2”h, 1.1”w
24k gold wires
rare earth magnets to anchor the back

oval shape with gold wild horse design

Delivered in its own rosewood box for safe keeping.

**May take 2-4 weeks for delivery, as each piece is specially handcrafted.**

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Arion … Gold Horse Lapel Decor

We all love Artist Shirley Matteson for the fine silver jewelry she creates in the form of necklaces, earrings, or even cuff links. But now, she has created a unique line of lapel decor to add to her stunning collection. Creatively using powerful magnets instead of pins that can damage clothing, Shirley has invented a whole line of lapel jewels. Starting with her ever popular butterfly designs and expaning into new designs inspired by her beloved wild horses of Texas, the artist has captured a new way of showing off your wearable art. And here, we have ‘Arion,’ a gorgeous gold wild horse design, with dark hair peeking out through a bright gold background.

Forever inspired by her home in Texas and the wild horses she dearly loves, Shirley has definitely gone back to her creative roots here. The rich brown of the horse’s coat shines through the bright gold background. The tiny 24k gold wires used in the ancient Cloissoné jewlery making process outline the magnificence of the horse’s head and neck, making it appear to be made entirely of gold. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind wild horse that seems to leap to life right before your eyes.

The Arion Gold Wild Horse Lapel Decor Jewel

Arion is just one of a new series of horse jewels by SJM designs. Along with Embarr, Astrelle, and Celeste, these four unique horse jewels complete the artist’s vision of bringing her beloved wild horses of Texas to life. For this line, Shirley has gone one step farther and not only created new designs, but a whole new way of wearing them. While she more often creates necklaces, earrings, and cuff links, these wild horses have instead been created as lapel decor jewels.

Lapel decor? Not a lapel ‘pin’? Well, kind of! Yes, these horse jewels look exactly like lapel pins, but they have a secret hidden on the back. There are no sharp pins on the back of these jewels, so nothing to destroy your clothing or hurt your fingers. Instead, Shirley used strong rare earth magnets that will keep your jewel ‘pinned’ safely to your lapel.

Of course, Shirley’s gorgeous horse jewelry comes with a rosewood box, storage pouch and a powerful rare earth magnet on the back. Naturally, when you’re not showing off your fabulous wild horse lapel decor fine jewelry, keep her in her silvercloth pouch so she won’t get tarnished.