Gold Butterfly Lapel Decor


fine silver
Size: 1.1”h, 2” w
24k gold wires
rare earth magnets to anchor the back

Gold Butterfly in Swallowtail Butterfly shape

Delivered in its own rosewood box for safe keeping.

**May take 2-4 weeks for delivery, as each piece is specially handcrafted.**

Fine Jewelry: Gold Butterfly Lapel Decor

From the start, Artist Shirley Matteson designed and created fine silver jewelry. Now, she adds a gorgeous gold butterfly lapel decor jewel to her collection.

Inspired by butterflies of all colors, Shirley created a gorgeous, gold swallowtail butterfly lapel decor jewel. Black enamel edging highlights the gold inlay and the tiny 24k gold wires used in the Cloissoné jewlery making process. Then, she set the whole jewel in silver. In the end, the result is a luminous gold butterfly that’s sure to sparkle on anyone’s lapel.

Shirley employs a method known as ‘Cloisonné’ to craft these radiant butterflies. Initially, she embeds gold into the butterfly outline and intricately bends small wires to delineate the structural lines of the wings. Subsequently, she fills the shapes with a black border and body, while the remaining areas are filled with transparent enamel. The result is an exceptional piece of wearable art, distinguished by its uniqueness and guaranteed to attract attention.

The Gold Swallowtail Butterfly Lapel Decor Jewel

Naturally, Shirley’s butterfly jewelry is accompanied by a rosewood box and a storage pouch. It’s advisable to keep your exquisite gold butterfly lapel decoration in the silvercloth pouch when not in use to prevent tarnishing.

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