Starfish Necklaces

Starfish Necklaces

The playful circles created out of tiny 24k gold wires create texture and depth to bring Shirley’s starfish fine jewerly to life. Available in striking red or blissful blue, these starfish pendants make the perfect gift for anyone who loves the ocean.

Starfish are well known for being able to regenerate a limb after an accident or attack. Because of this unique ability, these creatures are often related to the ideas of regrowth and renewal. For anyone who’s had a loss or been through a tough time, the starfish can be a powerful symbol of how life can go on.

Additionally, Starfish (or seastars) have five arms, and the number 5 can hold a lot of significance. Traditionally, five is connected to independence, non-comformity, and action. The Starfish is truly unique, and so are those who wear these stunning starfish pendants.

The Cloisonné Technique

Shirley uses a technique called ‘Cloisonné,’ to create these stunning starfish necklaces for her fine jewelry line. First, she bends tiny gold wires to form the shape. Then, she fills in the shapes with colorful enamel. The end result is a truly unique starfish necklace that everyone will love.

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