Small Butterfly Necklaces

Smaller butterfly necklaces in a variety of colors – gold, red, blue, monarch, and rainbow – handcrafted, fine silver jewelry designed and created by artist Shirley Matteson.

Based off the success of her larger butterflies, Shirley was inspired to create a line of smaller butterfly necklaces. Choose from gold, red, or blue.

Or, there are also specialty designs, like a rainbow butterfly, or even a mini monarch butterfly necklace!

Artist Shirley Matteson handcrafts each butterfly using the cloisonne technique of jewelry making. Cloisonne is an ancient technique for creating colorful designs held in place by tiny wires. In this case, she uses tiny 24k gold wires to create mini, realistic looking butterflies. The wires used in the technique are not only functional, but they add texture and depth to Shirley’s designs.

Of course, even our smaller butterfly jewelry is delivered in its own rosewood box. To keep your jewel safe and tarnish-free when you’re not showing it off, there’s a genuine pacific silvercloth pouch inside the box. Also, yach necklace also comes with a 2mm, 16- or 18-inch, Italian sterling silver serpentine chain, and you can specify which length you prefer at checkout.

Everyone loves Shirley’s art, and people who wear it receive tons of compliments! You can read the reviews here.

Did you know that all of Shirley’s butterfly necklaces, large and small, can also be made in 24k gold? If you’re interested in that option, please contact her to find out more information.

Psst… You can find her original larger butterfly necklaces here.

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