Silver Pendants

Silver Pendants Fine Jewelry Line:

This is Shirley’s line of designer multicolor enamel jewelry. Each piece is made individually by the artist. Truly innovative and unique, these Silver Babies dichroic pendants are more delicate and abstract than her butterfly necklaces or Texas Glory line.

Each ‘Silver Baby’ dichroic necklace is made to be truly unique. First, the artist layers brilliant colors to achieve this luminous and distinct effect in her fine jewelry. Some have bold colors set against a dark background, while other pendants show off unique color combinations. Naturally, the 3 layers create a depth and brilliance as they reflects light. Plus, all of the jewels have a more modern feel to them as the artist lets her creativity and unique vision shine through. Of course, all of Shirley’s new silver enamel pendants are sure to make a statement and get tons of compliments!

Moreover, each fine jewelry pendant is a handmade 3-layer dichroic jewel, lovingly wrapped in fine silver, and delivered in its own velvet box. Find your favorite colors, pick one to go with that special outfit, or simply choose whichever one speaks to you.

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