Medallion Necklaces

Fine Silver Medallion Necklaces:

Designer, fine jewelry necklaces in a round medallion shape in fine silver, 1 inch round disks

Rainbow Medallion Necklace

Whether you wear it as a symbol of hope, love, diversity, or equality, the rainbow is a beautiful and powerful symbol. In this gorgeous medallion, tiny 24k gold wires accentuate the bold colors. Then, the whole rainbow is set into a silver frame, in a one-inch round disk.

Moon and Star Necklace

Undoubtedly, gold and silver, moon and star, yin and yang are iconic pairings. This medallion features a golden moon and silver star, set perfectly in a bold blue sky and encased in a round silver frame. Since the moon and stars have meanings as old as time, they are an original classic. This unique necklace, designed and created by artist Shirley Matteson, brings out the true beauty of the night sky.

Monarch Butterfly Necklace

Generally known for their migration, Monarch butterflies are often associated with travel, new beginnings, or endurance and staying the course. However, no matter what symbolism you associate with Monarchs, Shirley’s Monarch Medallion is a striking fine jewelry version of these famous butterflies. The tiny 24k gold wires bring out the bright orange of their wings, making these medallion necklaces truly unique.

Shamrock Medallion Necklace

The luck of the Irish is always with you with this gorgeous Shamrock medallion. A lucky four leaf clover with a golden center lies in a field of green, and it’s all set in a silver frame. The four leaves of the Shamrock represent faith, hope, luck, and love.

Gold Seastar Medallion Necklace

For the true beach lover. The feel of the sand and the sea captured in this bright blue and gold star necklace. A touch of whimsy brings this golden star to life. Star or starfish? Why not have both with this stellar medallion necklace?

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