Butterfly Lapel Decor

This is fine jewlery artist Shirley Matteson’s newest creation. Inspired by her fascination with horses and her beloved Texas, she has created a whole new line of fine jewelry for her gallery.

Horse Lapel Decor

She started with gorgeous new horse designs. She was so taken with the horses and wanted to capture their gorgeous and wild nature in a wearable jewel.

Butterfly Lapel Decor

Satisfied with her wild horse jewels, she went back to her beloved butterflies. Shirley’s butterfly designs are undoubtedly her most popular. So it was only natural that she created lapel decor versions of her favorite butterfly pendants. Starting with her blue, red, green, monarch, and rainbow butterflies, she launched her line of butterfly lapel decor.

Of course, she absolutely HAD to make a lapel pin version of her gold butterfly necklace. It’s one of her most treasured and popular pieces. Gold is associated with luxury, and her gold butterfly lapel pin is certainly a luxurious addition to any wardrobe.

Her red butterfly lapel decor is based on her Miss Scarlet red butterfly pendant. Red is the color of passion and love, but also of courage and bravery.

Of course, she absolutely had to create a monarch butterfly lapel pin as part of her new line of fine jewelry. Monarch butterflies are iconic and everyone loves the necklace version Shirley has created. Monarch butterflies often symbolize change, transition, and hope.

One of my personal favorites is Shirley’s blue butterfly design. The bold blue tones are so pretty against the tiny gold wires and silver of the setting. Blue is such a calming color that brings peace and thoughts of the sea and sky.

No new collection of fine jewelry would be complete without her rainbow butterfly design. The rainbow butterfly necklace is truly unique, and so is the lapel decor version of the jewel. Rainbows have so many meanings, from equality and acceptance to hope and joy.

What is lapel decor, you might be wondering? It’s like a lapel pin, but without the actual pin! Pins and needles can damage clothing and leave holes behind. Lapel decor has the exact same look and function, but without the pin. These jewels use powerful rare earth magnets instead.

But if it’s not a lapel pin, how does it work?

Shirley’s creative genius doesn’t end with her luminous designs and jewels! She’s also figured out a way to have her pieces stay in place without using pins that destroy your clothing. Using powerful rare earth magnets, her lapel decor pieces stay put wherever you decide to put them. Each jewel is magnetized and comes with a back piece. Place the jewel on the front and the bar on the back, and Voila! A lapel ‘pin’ that’s not a pin at all.

They’re made for lapels, but of course, you can be as creative as the artist with how you wear your fine jewelry. Attach it to your scarf or blouse or wherever you want. There’s no pin to poke a hole in your clothing, so you can get creative with okay your wardrobe with no worries about damaging your things.

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