Fine Jewelry Earrings:

Unique, gorgeous Cloisonné earrings by SJM designs. Artist Shirley Matteson has created four stunning earring designs to add to her fine jewelry collection.

Texas Pride Earrings

Show off your Texas pride with these unique Texas flag earrings. Using a copyrighted Texas flag design, these designer earrings are perfect for anyone who loves Texas. In these stunning fine jewerly earrings, tiny 24k gold wires accentuate the bold colors of the Texas flag. For more information, read about how the Texas Glory design came to life or check out more of Shirley’s Texas Glory fine jewelry pieces.

Blue Grass Earrings

Blue is one of the most popular color for Cloisonné designs, possibly because the tiny gold wires shine and stand out against the different blue tones of the enamel. This design is a little more abstract, calling to mind blades of grass waving in the wind. Grass is grounding, and this abstract version brings a touch of creativity to something found in nature. These blue grass earrings, designed and created by artist Shirley Matteson, show off gorgeous blue tones in a stunning design.

Golden Bubble Earrings

Another unique, abstract design by artist Shirley Matteson, these stunning earrings highlight gold bubbles on a field of different blue tones. The design brings to mind golden champagne bubbles or little sparks of light. The gold circles and tiny gold wires stand out against a sea of blue tones in the background. These fine jewelry earrings are truly unique and sopisticated.

Red Grass Earrings

These earrings showcase one of artist Shirley Matteson’s bolder and more stunning designs. Bright red tones stand out against a sea of darker blues. The design can be considered abstract or literal – resembling flames or red blades of grass, depending on your vision. Whatever your interpretation, these stunning red grass earrings are sure to attract attention and compliments!

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