Gold Butterfly Necklaces

The Gold Collection – unique gold butterfly necklaces – fine jewelry designed and created by artist Shirley Matteson.

Shirley’s gold butterfly necklaces come with fine silver or in solid gold. Find smaller gold butterfly necklaces here.

And now, these gorgeous butterfly jewels are also available as lapel decor (like a pin, but with a powerful magnet instead).

Butterflies symbolize hope and transformation due to their metamorphosis, making butterfly necklaces meaningful gifts for mothers or for commemorating significant life events like birthdays, going away to college, or overcoming personal challenges. Fine jewelry like butterfly necklaces stands out as unique gifts that convey genuine care and thoughtfulness.

Shirley employs the ‘Cloisonné’ technique to craft exquisite golden butterflies for her fine jewelry. Beginning with delicate gold wires shaped into butterfly forms, she then fills them in with shimmering gold, resulting in truly distinctive necklaces adored by all.

Each of our butterfly fine jewelry pieces is presented in a rosewood box and includes a genuine pacific silvercloth pouch for safe storage and tarnish-free keeping. Additionally, every necklace comes with a choice of a 16- or 18-inch gold or silver serpentine chain.

Discover why our customers adore their unique gold butterfly necklaces by reading their reviews here.

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