Butterfly Necklaces

Unique butterfly necklaces of all colors – handcrafted, fine silver jewelry designed and created by artist Shirley Matteson.

Taking inspiration from butterflies of all colors, including the iconic Monarch Butterfly, Shirley has created a line of gorgeous, colorful butterfly necklaces. Choose from purple, red, yellow, green, or blue. Or, there are also specialty designs, like a rainbow butterfly, tigers eye, or even peacock!

Butterflies undergo a metamorphosis, and so are a symbol of hope and rebirth. Their meaning is often associated with a transformation or triumph. Because of this symbolism, butterfly necklaces make great gifts for mothers. They also can be great gifts for those rites of passage – an important birthday, going away to college, or overcoming personal challenges. Unique gifts like handcrafted jewelry show are sure to stand out and show how much you truly care.

Shirley uses a technique called ‘Cloisonné,’ to create these luminous butterflies. First, she bends tiny wires to form the butterfly shape. Then, she fills in the shapes with colorful enamel. The end result is a truly unique butterfly necklace that everyone will love.

All of our butterfly jewelry comes in its own rosewood box. There is also a genuine pacific silvercloth pouch for tarnish-free storage and safe keeping. Each necklace also comes with a 2mm, 16- or 18-inch, Italian sterling silver serpentine chain.

Our customers absolutely love their unique butterfly necklaces.  You can read the reviews here.

Shirley’s butterfly necklaces can also be made in 24k gold. Please contact her to find out more information.

Find smaller butterfly necklaces here.

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