Lapel Decor

Meet Shirley’s Newest Creations –
Lapel Decor!

Artist Shirley Matteson is always imagining and creating new things. After the success of her gold inlaid butterfly necklaces, she’s come up with something new and just as exciting. Take a look at her gorgeous new lapel decor!

For these new arrivals, the artist has gone back to her Texas roots and created these incredible horse designs to go with her ever popular butterflies. With their wild hair blowing in the wind, these horse designs are sure to instill awe and admiration in anyone who sees them on your lapel.

It’s not a lapel ‘pin’?

Nope! They look like lapel pins, but are hiding a powerful secret. No sharp pins here to destroy your lapel and prick your fingers. Instead, Shirley has used rare earth magnets that are plenty strong enough to anchor your jewel to your jacket.

Shirley handcrafts every piece, and it shows in the quality and creativity of her jewels. Each piece is made in fine silver, with 24k gold inlaid to create the designs. Add one to your wardrobe and instantly create a touch of sophistication and artistry.



Crafting fine silver, gold, & enamel
has become my newest crayon.