Welcome to the world of
precious metals, cloisonné, & vitreous enamel.

Butterfly Design

red butterfly necklace made with the cloisonné technique

Butterfly Design
Lapel Decor

red butterfly necklace made with the cloisonné technique

Horse Design
Lapel Decor

blue starfish necklace made with the cloisonne technique. It has tiny gold circles on a blue gradient background and is shown on a silver chain

The Gold



red butterfly necklace made with the cloisonné technique


blue starfish necklace made with the cloisonne technique. It has tiny gold circles on a blue gradient background and is shown on a silver chain

Silver Babies


Texas Glory


Cuff Links

Meet the Artisit


(pronounced cloy-zon-ay, French for ”partition”)
Cloisonné is an ancient metalwork technique that makes use of small, precious metal filaments and colorful glass enamels to create brilliant artwork. The metal wires are bent into shapes to create small cells, (partitions) of designs, and many coats of finely ground glass enamel are fired into them until one unique piece of art is rendered.

Cloisonné is most commonly used in jewelry making, though illustrations of the craft can be found in many facets of the art world, including the production of hand-made dishes, vases, and abstract pottery.

Being involved in the world of art all my life many media have crossed my path, but cloisonné enameling has stayed with me for many years. I believe not only because of its beauty but its ability to stretch and grow into lots of different aspects of creativity.

The ability to take an idea put it into a sketch and mold it into a jewel to be worn, to me is amazing. I have done this many times, not just for my pleasure, but also giving birth to someone’s idea who trusted me to work with them.

The cloisonné process

sketch ideas

Every idea for a project
begins with a sketch.

resize sketch

The sketch is then resized
to fit the base.

bending wires

Outline the shapes
with the tiny wires.

prepare silver

Silver base is chosen
and texturized

fire flux

First layer is a clear flux
that is fired on the front
& a counter layer on the back.

choose colors

This is the time to choose
the colors for the piece.

transfer sketch

The outline of the sketch
is applied on top of the
already fired flux.

fuse wires

The wires are fused
to the prepared flux.

add color

Add color to the
wire outline.

add details

Add details to bring life
to the picture.


Finally, after many firings
& lots of detail work,
polishing makes the
sparkle show through!

set jewel

The jewel is set in a bezel
on an engraved
sterling silver belt buckle.


Can you tell me more about your jewelry?

We offer fine silver custom jewelry creations for adoption. Browse through our unique designs on our Gallery page, or fill out the form on the Contact page to start designing a custom piece. Each piece is personally hand-crafted by jewelry artist Shirley Matteson.  Learn more about the artist on our About page. 

Are there pre-made pieces I can purchase?

Yes! We have a variety of pre-made jewelry displayed in our shop that is available for purchase.  Visit our Gallery to take a look.

Do you do custom jewelry?

YES! You can order custom jewelry through our website. Use the form on the contact page to get started, and the artist will be in touch to design your piece(s) with you from there.

What is cloisonné enamel?

Cloisonné is a metalwork technique that has been used for centuries that uses colorful glass enamels and small metal filaments to create artwork. The metal wires are bent into different shapes and designs. This technique is most commonly used for jewelry making, however, it can also be found in different illustrations in the art world.  See our page on cloisoinné for more information.

What are your hours?

Our hours are currently by appointment only. Email to make an appointment or use the form on our contact page.

Where are you located?

We are located in Frisco, Texas.

Where do you ship to?

We ship within the United States and currently do not ship custom jewelry internationally.

I have a question, how can I get in contact with SJM Designs?


You can get in touch with us by email or by completing the form on the contact page.  Feel free to ask any questions about custom jewelry and message us directly!


Beautiful, Special Gift!

For Mothers Day I received the most beautiful, special gift!
I absolutely adore my monarch pendant and will always treasure this beautiful work of art.

-Mary R.

And incredible artist & person!

Shirley Matteson is an incredible artist and an even more incredible person. Each of her unique butterfly necklaces are stunning. Both my daughter and grandson have a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Children with this disease are sometimes known as “butterfly children” because their skin is as fragile as a butterfly’s wings. Butterflies are a symbol of hope and often associated with a transformation or triumph. Shirley created a butterfly 🦋 necklace for me in the colors of the Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Partnership logo. EBRP funds research into finding a treatment and cure for EB. I wear it with so much love and hope for a triumph over this disease. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Extremely Pleased!

Extremely pleased! It’s beautiful!

-Kristin H.

Beautiful Artwork!

I purchased a Scarlet Butterfly necklace for my wife for her birthday. Beautiful artwork. The butterfly has always been a symbol for her and your necklace allows her to see their beauty and their symbolism every time she wears your art.


Wearable Memory!

My “Teddy” pendant is so cute! What a talented artist! She did a great job taking the image of my dog from a picture taken on my phone to a wearable memory I can enjoy when I’m away from him at school.


Unique & Breathtaking!

I am so in love with my Peacock Butterfly Pendant Necklace! It is truly breathtaking! People are always commenting on the striking statement it makes. I wear it with everything as it can complement every style and adds beauty & class to my wardrobe. The detail in the design is brilliant! I love my one of a kind butterfly as an expression of the unique creativity the artist weaves into each of her pieces.

-Celesten S.

Work of Art

Shirley is such an incredibly talented artist!! Her pieces are true one of a kind works of art. The piece she made for me is absolutely stunning and the level of detail and design is amazing. She truly puts her heart and soul into each and every pieces of art she creates!!

-Kathy H.

Personality & Likeness!

I am so impressed with the likeness of my “Honey”. This beautiful pendant is a fun way to take my pup with me everywhere I go. The artist really captured Honey’s personality.


Custom Storytelling!

As a corporate professional by day and Harley biker during my free time, I love that these custom designed Warrior Wings Cufflinks allow me to incorporate my passion for the open road into my workdays. My affinity for riding and my life verse, Isaiah 40:31, were masterfully combined into a stunning storytelling accent to my professional wardrobe. The artist has distinguished these cufflinks from my others with a custom representation of me.

-Billy S.

Matches Perfectly!

I bought a pair of earrings that I just love and matched perfectly to a shirt that I had just bought. I bought the earrings at the Dallas Craft Show and look forward to going to more shows this year where Shirley will be featuring her jewelry.

-Kathryn R.

Constant Compliments!

Shirley’s is so talented! Her jewelry is absolutely beautiful. I’m constantly getting compliments whenever I wear her artfully created earrings! She puts loads of love into her creations.

-Kathy H.

Treasured Family Heirloom!

I purchased a Texas Hatband for my husband for Christmas-and he loved it. Said I really surprised him this year! We had to make a special trip into town to go look at a brand new hat for this special hat band! This will be treasured family heirloom! Thank you for your artistry! (Oh and I LOVE the earrings I bought myself…um, I’m mean the earrings Santa put under the tree for me! Stunning!)

-Beth S.

Works of Art!

I want to let you know how much I love your butterflies. I own three. They are such special little works of art. The workmanship is world class. They’re just beautiful.

-Becky M.

Unique Gift

I was looking for a different and if possible a unique birthday gift for my wife.  I learned of SMJ and realized quickly, here was a variety of uniquely designed and crafted jewelry.  I selected a pair of cloisonné earrings that I thought was strikingly attractive.

-Duke D.

One of a Kind

Shirley, your pieces continue to be pieces of art work.  I recently purchased one of your hat bands as a Christmas present.  The artistry and originality is “one of a kind” and a gift to be treasured for years to come. 

I’m a huge fan of not only your artistry but the artist herself.  Thank you.

-Anna M.

Stops People in their Tracks!

After standing next to Shirley wearing one of her butterflies I was sold. I could not take my eyes off of it. I had never seen a butterfly pendant that seemed as if it could possibly fly right off your chest. I ordered a green swallow tail, but could not stop there. I now have a butterfly, a heart pendant and earrings. Her work stops people in their tracks. One piece cannot possibly be enough for anyone!!

-Lynda H.

Craftsmanship & Uniqueness

I had seen several pieces of Shirley’s beautiful work and really admired the craftsmanship as well as the uniqueness of her pieces. I have purchased cufflinks in her Texas design for our son as a birthday present. They are something he wouldn’t see elsewhere–while showing his Texas pride!

-Helen D.

Unbelievably Gorgeous

Shirley is the real deal, a one of a kind artist. She is so creative and intuitive and truly knows how to create the perfect piece for literally anyone. The butterfly she sent me is unbelievably gorgeous and hand crafted to perfection. It’s truly both a unique work of art and a treasured keepsake. Shirley puts her whole heart into everything she does, and you can see it in her works.

-Christine C.

Beautiful Butterfly

Shirley has been wonderful, working with me on the right chain for my beautiful butterfly.  I can’t thank her enough for all her time and patience.