Gold Butterflies

Solid Gold Butterfly Necklaces are here!

When artist Shirley Matteson launched her inlaid gold butterfly necklaces, they were an instant hit. Both the large and small sizes were immediately popular. She received rave reviews and heartfelt thanks from customers who absolutely loved their new treasures.

Along with the praise, Shirley also began receiving a similar request over and over. People loved the fine gold inlay wires and the sparkle of the golden background. But they wanted the whole thing set in gold, as well! So, Shirley did what any good artist would do – she went back to the drawing board! And finally, she figured out how to give the people what they wanted. And these gorgeous, all gold butterflies were born.

What makes our Solid Gold Butterfly pendants special?

These newest gold butterfly pendants are set in 18k solid gold, where the original design used silver. Previously, all of Shirley’s designs were set in silver. She created butterflies of all the colors of the rainbow (including a rainbow one!), all set in a silver backing. Shirley even made mini versions of her butterflies, all set in silver as well.

But now, for the first time, she has designed a gold butterfly set entirely in 18k gold. From the tiny gold wires to the gold inlay, to the solid back of the pendant, the gold shimmers and shines in an entirely new way. These are sure to be in huge demand, just as are all of Shirley’s butterfly pendants!

Shirley’s Butterfly Pendant Lines

Silver &
Colored Enamel

close up of a bright blue butterfly pendant, set in silver

Gold Butterflies

close up of a bright blue butterfly pendant, set in silver

Solid Gold

close up of a bright blue butterfly pendant, set in silver

How does Shirley create her solid gold butterfly pendants?

Shirley handcrafts all of her butterfly pendants using the Cloisonne technique. She uses tiny 24k gold wires to create the designs. Then, she fills them in with gold and black to create the gorgeous colors of the butterfly.

Each piece is carefully crafted by the artist. That means that each one is special and uniquely created.

Crafting fine silver, gold, & enamel
has become my newest crayon.